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speeroX - Smart. Silent. Space-saving.

An electric motor provides high speeds at a relatively low torque. To set loads into motion, gears are used that convert the rotary motion provided by the electric motor into a motion that is slower, but also more powerful. The classics among the high-transmission gears are multi-stage spur and planetary gear sets or bevel and worm gear sets if an angled arrangement is necessary. Oftentimes, combinations of the listed variants are used.

Depending on the application, increasingly stringent requirements for the degree of efficiency, service life, operating noise and installation space sometimes push conventional gear variants to the limit. Multi-stage spur and planetary gear sets consist of many components. Bevel gear sets are loud and require at least one downstream gear stage. Worm gear sets lose power and their service life is diminished by friction. This is where the high-transmission speeroX gear set developed by Framo Morat comes into play.

An overview of advantages

  • High performance particularly when there is only one direction of rotation through the preferred flank

  • High degree of efficiency through friction reduction due to favorable kinematic conditions

  • Low noise emission due to balanced proportion of sliding parts

  • Long service life and high power density through special wear-free steel/steel pairing

  • Reduced installation space thanks to separation of the wheel and worm screw

  • Low weight and easier installation through low number of components (wheel and worm screw)

  • High gear ratio and power flow around the corner in only one stage

Thinking laterally – High gear ratio in only one stage

The speeroX gear set relocates the gearing of the wheel to the flat side. This results in a spiral gearing that is driven by a modified worm screw. The spatial arrangement reduces the installation space. This results in kinematically favorable conditions that reduce the sliding components and thus the friction. Nevertheless, the gearing remains quiet thanks to the high overlap and the sliding engagement. A low-wear steel-steel pairing increases power density and service life.

In the right application, the speeroX gear set beats conventional multi-stage gears in terms of the gear ratio. It is quiet and features high efficiency with a long service life. And all this in only one gear stage with a reduced weight and installation space, consisting of just two components (worm and wheel) that make installation easier.

Advantages of speeroX in comparison to conventional solutions

speeroX vs. multi-stage solutions

(e.g. planetary stage + bevel gear set, 2 spur gear stages, …)

  • Fewer components
  • Smaller installation space
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Easier assembly


speeroX vs. worm gear sets

  • Higher efficiency
  • Longer service life
  • Smaller installation space
  • Lower torsional backlash over service life


X-plore your opportunities – Customized design and development

The customer-specific design makes it possible to prioritize key criteria (e.g. installation space, noise, efficiency, …) in a targeted manner. The advantages over the classic gear unit variants become clear if the requirement profile and the area of application are already precisely defined during the design phase. For example, the gear geometry of speeroX enables especially high performance when only one direction of rotation is required.

Framo Morat brings decades of experience in customized solutions to the table. With over 1 million worm gear sets produced per year, a wide range of planetary gears and numerous implemented spur or angular gears, we are your reliable partner for designing and developing high-transmission gear variants. You too can benefit from our expertise and the advantages of the speeroX gears. You can submit your detailed requirements to us in the request form. Our gear technology specialists will get in touch with you promptly and give you expert and reliable advice.

Contact form

speeroX wheel sets are characterized by the fact that their design can be individually adapted to the requirements of the respective application in order to deliver the best possible performance. The aim of this inquiry form is therefore not so much to set fixed target values – rather, it is to determine where exactly the focus lies in the area of application you have outlined.
Let us then define the details based on your information in a personal consultation.

Your data will be forwarded to the technical department for the purpose of processing your inquiry and will also be stored there for the period of your inquiry.
You can find the detailed data protection declaration here.


If you would like to learn more about speeroX gearing, please call us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to constructive discussions and interesting projects.